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Lycomega is created on the basis of tomato and cranberry extract. Tomato extract. Ingredient with rejuvenating, peeling-off, strengthening, and tightening properties. Seals the walls of blood vessels, eliminates congestion and erythema. Alleviates irritations, prevents the formation of imperfections, inflammations, blackheads, and spider veins. Cleanses and shrinks pores, brightens discolorations, and balances out skin color. As a strong antioxidant and immuno-stimulant, it is recommended for all skin types, especially the problematic and older. Includes omega-6 and omega-3 acids. Lycopene has diversified qualities: it removes free radicals, improves efficiency of beta carotene and vitamin C, has anti-oxidative properties, regulates cellular cycle, has effect on metabolic trails, induces cellular apoptosis, counteracts lipids oxidation, has anti-inflammatory properties. Lycopene restores the epidermis and protects against sunshine that speeds up skin-aging processes. Lycopene is especially noteworthy as it is one of the strongest antioxidants. It neutralizes free radicals twice as well as beta caroten and ten times better than tocopherols. It reduces harmful effects of sunshine radiation.

When it comes to the Veola Botanica's products, the Lycomega is present in the following cosmetics:

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