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We have proved that dermocosmetic formulas can be based on the power of nature and bioactive raw materials of natural origin, while maintaining 100% effectiveness, supported by some advanced research and numerous laboratory tests.


                              ACIDS AND ENZYMES

They are the prelude to any effective treatment! The key role of acids and enzymes is to exfoliate the epidermis in order to “open” your skin, making it easier for other ingredients to penetrate into its deeper layers. As a result, the skin renewal process begins, targeting a specific problem. We have selected compounds of natural acids and enzymes (AHA 10%, PHA 10%, BHA, bromelain) which have an extensively revitalizing, exfoliating and visibly smoothing effect.

                              FERMENTS AND FILTRATES

We believe that we can successfully transfer the huge popularity and health benefits of ferments to the field of care! We want to provide the skin with what is most valuable in plants, namely nutrient extracts sourced through microbiological transformation. Our dermocosmetics have been enriched with the Hydronesis® filtrate, to ensure immediate beautification and reduction of dryness, as well as the “Kombuchka” black tea ferment, for a lipofilling effect.


We focused on the most valuable plant extracts to provide your skin with regeneration and nourishment delivered to you by nature itself. Our extracts are sourced from endemic plants from the furthest corners of the globe but also include those long used in traditional natural medicine: blue daisy phytoactive extract, Purnava root extract from the Himalayas, and Rhodella microalgae extract from the North Sea.


We chose those whose effectiveness has been known for years and we have developed innovative combinations of vitamin complexes with bioactive ingredients at concentrations that are both safe and effective in action. The niacinamide complex with stable vitamin C we use is a combination of two compounds showing activity at the same pH and harmonious action to ensure mind-blowing brightening and reduction of pigmentation changes.

                            STEM CELLS

It is called a miraculous skin care discovery, the elixir of youth, and even a magic ingredient. Sourced from plants, stem cells can penetrate the epidermis to a greater depth, improve the processes in the skin and show a strong rejuvenating potential (including active stimulation of collagen synthesis).


We use exceptional superfoods to support multi-level skin renewal and boost its defensive functions. We focus only on plants that are the richest in nutrients, such as sweet almonds, kombucha, avocado or matcha green tea, which we obtain from family-run farms in Japan, in harmony with the natural environment.

                             PLANT RETINOL

Among our botanical extracts, bakuchiol deserves special attention. It is a plant retinoid whose main features are strong anti-aging, soothing, antibacterial and sebum-regulating properties, as wells as gentleness and high tolerance to sensitive skin.


It occurs naturally in the skin, but its amount drops with age, leading to problems with hydration and the first signs of aging. In our professional line, you will find the most effective, triple hyaluronic acid – a concentrated mixture of ultra-low-molecular, low-molecular and high-molecular acids, which ensures comprehensive restoration of natural hydration – from the upper layers of the epidermis to the deep dermis.

deeply reducing discoloration, pore minimizing serum
with Niacinamide + Stabilized Vitamin C Complex

96,06% ingredients of natural origin

Niancynamide with Stabilized Vitamin C Complex 2%
AHA Phytocomplex 7%
Melavoid™ Bioactive Brightening Extract 1,2%
Acerola Fruit Extract 2%

instantly lifting, anti-aging emulsion serum
with natural alternative to retinol
and Fision™ Instant Lift

99,64% ingredients of natural origin

Fision™ Instant Lift 3%
Bakuchiol 0,15%
Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex 0,3%
Gardenia Stem Cells 1%
Phytoessence Blue Daisy 2%

Ultra-hydrating gel serum
with Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex
and KombuchkaTM Black Tea Ferment

99,64% ingredients of natural origin

Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex 0,6%
Kombuchka™ Black Tea Ferment 3%
Hydronesis® Bioactive Essence 3%
Red Microalge Rhodella Extract from The North Sea 1%

triple-acid enzyme facial peel

97,98% ingredients of natural origin

AHA Phytocomplex 10%
PHA 10%
Organic Matcha Tea Powder

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