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Our products are  made from carefully handpicked, certified and 100% Polish ingredients. We strongly believe that by using organic substances only we are offering products which are safe for use by every customer. Our products are natural, ecological, herbal, vegan. They dont contain any synthetic pigments and have all been dermatologically tested.


Cendula extract – has strenghteing, protective and anti-inflammatory effect. It aids skin's regeneration and reduces swelling. Soothes and treats dry, chapped and irritated skin. Rich in carotenoids and flavonoids it effectively soothes, softens and moisturizes the skin. It also contains mucuous compounds, organic acids, phytosterols, vitamin C, magnesium or manganese.

kwiaty nagietka z których pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Apricot sone oil – posseses hydrating properties which make it an excellence moisturizing ingredient. It is easily absorbed through the skin and keeps its external layer properly moisturized. Rich in vitamins A and E. Its main ingredients are linoleic and oleic acids which are well-known, healthy,  unsaturated fats. Strongly moisturizes, nourishes , smoothens and regenerates the skin.

owoce moreli - z ich pestek pozyskiwany jest olej do kosmetyków naturalnych

Camoille extract – protects and smoothens the skin. Exhibits more versatile healing properties. For ages it has been used due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-radicle properties. Soothes irritated skin.

kwiaty rumianku z których pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Oak bark extract – possesses anti-septic and toning properties. Strenghtens skin's mucosal membran protective system. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates healing of microinjuries. Exhibits anti-bacerial, toning and cleansing properties.

kora dębu z której pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Wheat germs oil – extracted from the very core of wheat germs the oil preserves its valuable properties and retains all of the nourishing ingredients which actively  support the skin. It contains lots of vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant. Stimulates skin cells towards faster growth and nourishes them. Highly recommended for dry, dehydrated mature skin. Wheat is one of the best sources of collagen renewal.

kiełki pszenicy z których pozyskiwany jest olej do kosmetyków naturalnych

Primrose oil – cold-pressed it retains its healthy properties. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids which influence the functioning of intercellular membranes, maintain the body's proper hydration level, prevent loss of water via the external skin layers. Aids the maintenance of skin's firmness and flexibility. Excellently softens and smoothens the skin. Due to its nourishing properties it has healing, nourishing and anti-aging effects.


wiesiołek z którego pozyskiwany jest olej do kosmetyków naturalnych

Oat extract – posseses soothing and moisturizing properties. Being an antioxidant, it slows down skin's aging process caused by e.g. UV radiation or cigarette smoke. Exhibits anti-inflammatory properties

owies z którego pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Carrot oil – contains lot of betacarotene as well as vitamins A and E. Moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin by protecting it from drying. Its ingredients exhibit anti-radicle properties. Prevents the skin from becoming rough as well as aids cell division which prevents the wringles from deepening. Tones, protects and evens out skin's colour.

marchewka z której pozyskiwany jest olej do kosmetyków naturalnych

Flax seeds – contain lots of fatty acids, e.g. alpha-linoleic acid and linoleic acid. Rich in mucus, proteins and microelements, phytohormones as well as vitamis A,B,C,D,E and F. Possesses soothing and protective properties. Influences the lipid barrier of the skin making it more resilient to moisture loss and, consquently, causing it to be more elastic.

nasiona lnu z których pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Sunflower oil – exhibits restorative and nourishing properties. Reduces the amount of free radicles in the skin thus increasing its elasticity and slowing down the aging process. It is a rich source of  linoleic acid which moisturizes the skin and accelerates cellular regeneration.

słonecznik z którego pozyskiwany jest olej do kosmetyków naturalnych

Grapes extract – supports wrinkle reduction. Slows down degeneration of collagen and elastin  structures. Aids the eratication of free radicles. Slows down skin's aging process as well as its glycation. Influences the betterment of skin's natural restorative processes and increases its cell's immunity to detrimental external factors.


owoce winogron z których pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Linden extract – excellently moisturizes the skin and soothes its irritation. Recommended for delicate, sensitive, irritated, dry  vascular  complexion as well as rosacea, after-shave irritation, depilation and tanning. Improves skin's elasticity, soothes its irritation as well as reduces the secretion of sebum

kwiaty lipy z których pozyskiwany jest ekstrakt do kosmetyków naturalnych

Rapseed oil – natural oil pressed from Brassica campestris plant. Moisturizes both extrenal and deeper layers of skin. Due to high content of tocopherols ( vitamin E) and phytosterols it possesses strong soothing protective and softening properties. It's a rich source of A,E and K vitamins. Contains necessary unsaturated fatty acids  omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Prevents ransepidermal los of moisture from the skin.

rzepak z którego pozyskiwany jest olej do kosmetyków naturalnych