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Clean Beauty = Clean Mind

Holistic Care

When Clean Mind meets Clean Beauty...

When I created the Veoli Botanica brand in 2016, natural cosmetics were a niche product. Personally, I had been a fan of natural cosmetics and natural skincare for a long time. I already had a feeling that similarly to me, other women would also decide to give up traditional compositions in favor of the valuable and authentic ones. Introduction of completely vegan Polish cosmetics was a challenge but it brought about the expected result.

Today, I’m taking one more step forward. I’m redefining the brand. I’m looking for pioneering and innovative solutions in the field of natural cosmetics and creates them in accordance with the global Clean Beauty trend.

The Veoli Botanica line of cosmetics was designed to meet the needs of conscious women who struggle with the problem of skin exposed to external factors. Naturalness and veganism are not its only assets. Cosmetics from this line are to have an active effect on the skin, delay the aging processes, bring about immediate results, and at the same time have sensual fragrance. The brand foundations are based on the rules that I observe in my personal life: uncompromising nature, perfectionism, and transparency. I’m committed to top quality, ideally composed product that gets to the specific, conscious group of consumers. And natural beauty because it never goes out of style…

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