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Biophilic is a patented natural O/W lamellar system based on the emulsifying properties of phospholipides combined with the plant lipids. It results in the "second skin" effect. It is an excellent solution for the dermocosmetics, cosmetics for sensitive skin, or products for children. Hard lamellar structures created with Biophilic result in very stable creams that can get emulsified to 30% oil and oil drops are stabilized in the emulsion layers. They can also entrap active substances that end up being constantly released. Lamellar emulsions created as a result of this process imitate the structure of lipids in the outermost layer of epidermis and thus, have great affinity with the skin. This system works as the "second skin" and thanks to that helps to rebuild the damaged skin barrier. Emulsion dissolves on the skin during application and creates a rebuilding restricting film.

When it comes to the Veola Botanica's products, the Biophilic is present in the night-time face cream with the “Second Skin” lipid protective cover REPAIR BY NIGHT:

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