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  Veoli Botanica

♥ ecological
♥ natural 
♥ herbal 
♥ vegan 
♥ not tested on animals

Welcome to Veoli Botanica's world of beauty aids created out of deep, sincere fascination with herbal extracts in close harmony with nature. Here, at Veola Botanica, we create our product only from certified herbal ingredients. We believe that only through the covenant with nature and careful implementation of it's gifts can effective and safe skin care be  achieved. Only through such means will the skin remain nourished, regenerated and shall long preserve its true natural beauty. Moreover, here at Veoli Botanica we strive for the maintenece of your vitality to the best of our ability. It has been our long-standing dream for our products to inspire the urge to lead healthy lifestyle, follow balanced diet and stick to regular sleep schedule so that they can produce the best effects possible. Our products are  made from carefully handpicked, certified and 100% Polish ingredients. We strongly believe that by using organic substances only we are offering products which are safe for use by every customer. Our products are natural, ecological, herbal, vegan. They dont contain any synthetic pigments and have all been dermatologically tested.