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I gLOVE TAN. Velvet glove for applying bronzing products

7.00 EUR

Velvet glove for applying bronzing products

Recommended price: 7 EUR

A velour glove for applying bronzing products. The smoothing effect of the glove’s micro-bristles allows the product to be evenly and smoothly applied. With I gLOVE TAN you will get the beautiful, natural tan you have always dreamed of.

How to use:

Apply the recommended amount of product to the I gLOVE TAN glove. Spread the product in a circular motion and allow it to soak in. With our glove, you don’t have to worry about stains on your bedding or clothes. Once absorbed, the product will certainly not stain your favourite white shirt

The glove can be hand-washed in 30°C

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