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When creating our products we focus on the Clean Beauty philosophy. It is an uncompromising trend of natural cosmetics that focuses exclusively on vegan ingredients, responsible production, safety, and reliable effect.

#1. Nature. 100% vegan.

Our cosmetics are as natural as possible. Luxurious formulas of our products proven by Viva!, Polski Produkt, and Peta certificates are based in over 97% on ingredients of natural and vegan origins.

#2. Efficiency

In our fight against the negative impact of external factor on skin we chose to focus on antioxidants, peptides, lipids, and emollients of the highest quality as well as ingredients that have soothing action and prevent irritations. Our care is founded on the proven natural active ingredients used in the cosmetics for generations as well as innovative natural resources the effects of which are backed with tests. Our remarkable technologists arranged them into unique formulas with perfectly balanced proportions that take into consideration even the needs of delicate skin.

#3. Responsibility

Our products are put in the recyclable top-quality pharmaceutical glass containers. We believe in the efficiency of the state-of-the-art extractions methods that allow us to obtain what is the best of nature and at the same time respect its integrity. This is why in our production we also use ingredients created using low-energy consuming technologies and eco-friendly raw ingredients - e.g. Hydroavena™ HpO czy BIOPHILIC ™ H.

#4. Innovation 

We focused on biotechnological innovation and innovative plant complexes. Our ingredients include plant biopolymers, peptides, and modern complexes with anti-radical, anti-irritant, and anti-age effects.

#5. Transparency 

All ingredients used in our products are on the INCI list on the packages.  Furthermore, we also included a description of the mechanisms of key ingredients. If you want to know the exact effects of individual ingredients, you can check their descriptions in the on our website.

#6. Authenticity

We have impact on the product from start to finish. At every stage of production of every cosmetic we care for the finest quality. We test and we check. We only accept the product and its look when they are perfect.

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