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Your (daily) BEAUTY RITUAL

Before you begin, secure your hair with a band and wash your hands carefully.

Step 1 Cleansing:
Apply small amount of Cleansing Milk Emulsion to wet face, neck, and shoulders and massage with circular movements to create a delicate foam. After that rinse with water. Emulsion successfully removes daily impurities and leaves it feeling fresh, soft, and comfortable.

Step 2 Applying tonic:
Apply Tonic - Stress-Relieving Mist to clean face, neck, and shoulders and gently massage it in. Stress-relieving mist will provide your skin with freshness and relief and restore its right pH.

Step 3 Care:

Apply Day-Time Deep Hydration Face Cream to your face, neck, and shoulders and then spread it lightly using your fingertips and gently pat in. This face cream will leave your skin flexible, soft, and smooth.

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