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18.00 EUR

The body massage brush is made of natural agave fibres and high-quality beech wood. With its convenient shape and an extra strap, the brush is designed for easy grip . Recommended for dry and wet use. The dry brush is harder and sharper and the wet brush has softer fibres.

Massaging the body with a brush improves blood circulation, makes the skin smoother and more firm, removes dead epidermis and prepares the skin for cosmetic treatment. After using the brush, the skin absorbs the active ingredients contained in lotions or oils better, thanks to which they work more effectively. Brush massage also helps to eliminate lymphoedema, while also being a great addition to anti-cellulite treatment.

Instructions for use: it is recommended to use it twice a week with a wet or dry body massage from the feet and hands towards the heart. After using the wet brush, dry it by placing it in a dry place with the fibers down. The brush can be washed with a natural soap under running water.

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