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Antibacterial line

New line of vegan antibacterial cosmetics for hand skincare and protection - Caring for our health and planet

On 22nd of April – The World Earth Day, Veoli Botanica prezentuję nową linię wegańskich kosmetyków antybakteryjnych CLEAN AND CALM do ochrony i pielęgnacji naszych dłoni, w myśl społecznej odpowiedzialności za nasze zdrowie oraz środowisko naturalne.

W trosce o naszą planetę.

The new CLEAN AND CALM line is comprised of three products: gel, liquid and antibacterial soap. These cosmetics ensure effective protection against viruses and pollution thanks to 70% alcohol derived by means natural fermentation. The products also include ingredients such as Fucocert® – plant-derived hyaluronic acid, tea tree Origanol which protects very sensitive skin, and plant extracts such as lavender and camomile. New line was manufactured in accordance to the “Clean beauty” philosophy, a no-exception natural cosmetics trend which focuses solely on vegan ingredients, responsible production, safety and impeccable effectiveness of the products.

Veoli Botanica thus illustrates that the protection of our health should come in hand with actions benefitting our planet. Today we should be more aware and chose the solutions which respect the integrity of our natural environment.

Just like the other products of the brand, the CLEAN AND CALM line comes in innovative, recyclable, high-quality pharmaceutical glass containers. We believe in the effectiveness of latest methods of extraction, and that they allow us to obtain the best of what nature has to offer, while simultaneously respecting its integrity. For this reason, we also use ingredients which are manufactured using the technologies which require low energy consumption and focus on materials which are environmentally friendly.

Profits made by Veoli Botanica will be used to battle COVID-19

Thanks are not enough – the growing COVID-19 pandemic is a test for all of us. The brand wants to thank everyone who faces such an enormous threat daily when protecting others. This is a great act of heroism and sacrifice. Therefore, we decided to supporting the battle against the coronavirus and donating the Institute of Mother and Child. Veoli Botanica team delivered 430 products that will be distributed among doctors and hospitals stuff - the front-line in striving to curb the propagation of coronavirus.

Maintaining proper hand hygiene does not need to cause dryness, irritation and premature aging.

New natural cosmetic line for daily hand skincare and protection, besides just having antibacterial properties which are crucial for maintaining proper hand hygiene, was enriched with moisturising, refreshing and soothing ingredients. It just takes 5 seconds for our natural sanitising formula to evaporate from the surface of your hands, leaving nourishing natural ingredients, which can safely penetrate your thoroughly cleansed skin. Your hands remain soft, 100% clean and fresh, covered with the relaxing scent of tea tree, camomile and lavender. We should care for them daily, so they can protect us and our loved ones for many years to come. Proper, daily hand hygiene ensures not only your health, but also the health of others.

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