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Agave brush for body massage JUST BRUSH IT

18.00 EUR

BODY BRUSH was made of natural agave fibers and high quality beechwood. Its shape fits your hand perfectly and includes a strap that makes it easier to hold the brush. It is recommended for both dry and wet massages. Dry brush is harder and sharper. When it gets wet, the fibers become gentler.

Massaging your body with a brush improves skin’s blood circulation, smooths and firms, and peels off dead epidermis preparing the skin for the application of care products. After using the brush, the skin absorbs active ingredients from balsams and oils better. Thus, they work more efficiently. Moreover, the brush massages help to eliminate lymphoedemas and are an amazing addition to the anti-cellulite treatment.

Instructions for use: twice a week massage your entire body with a dry or wet brush starting from feet and hands towards the heart.

After wet massages, you should dry the brush by placing it in a dry place fibers down. The brush can be cleaned with a natural soap under running water.

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